Levitated insect wings, test series of Viktor Grebennikov

questions and answers

Reflection in The Glass: Yes, do not be nervous, everyone is watching the reflections, they are not part of the test series.

Glass: Acrylic or PVC glass.

Static electricity: Yes, this experiment uses static electricity from the acrylic glass. Static electricity from the glass, do what in nature the inner wings do.

Underneath the acrylic glass: underneath the acrylic-glass are shells, and tiles (my coffee table), shells and tiles are only decorative characters.

Which kind of insect wings: especially this beetle is not exactly defined, the wings are from a dead beetle which I had found in the cellar.

Which beetle wings can be used for such an experiment: outside wings from any dead scarab.

How to look like other wings from scarab: use google image search. Type in: SCARAB or HISTER or HISTER HITLERBUGL or HUNTER BEETLE or MISTKÄFER.

What the experiment wills says: The field of static electricity will activate the protoplasm in the chitin wings, and help the scarab to manipulate time and gravity.
This is why heavy beetles can fly.

Outer wing of the beetle contains: chitin and protoplasm
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