Lithium Iron (LiFePO4) solar battery introduction

The Iron Edison Lithium Iron Battery brings new technology to energy storage projects, and the perfect plug-n-play replacement to inferior lead acid battery options. Fully compatible with industry-leading inverters and charge controllers, Iron Edison’s Lithium Iron Batteries offer the safest, simplest and most dependable energy storage solution for off-grid and grid tied battery backup applications.

Iron Edison Lithium Iron batteries:

Assembled near Denver, CO, Iron Edison Lithium Iron Batteries are a complete energy storage system. The integrated Battery Management System (BMS) monitors & regulates each cell in the battery bank to provide perfectly balanced charging and discharging while guarding against over charge, over discharge and thermal overrun situations. Internal DC disconnects provide battery protection and isolation. The entire battery system is contained in a rugged metal enclosure.

Supporting a daily 50% depth of discharge, Iron Edison Lithium Iron Batteries should last 15 years or more (5,000 cycles), and comes with a 7 year warranty.

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