Living Off Grid The Real Deal Home Wind Turbine Solar Hawaii

Living off grid the real deal home wind turbine solar Hawaii.
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This is an update of living off the gird. Hope this helps others people living off gird and people thinking about going off gird. These systems can also be used with grid tie systems. Be safe and live free...

Welcome to my channel: My channel is about How I use renewable energy to live off the Grid on the Big Island of Hawaii. I use renewable energy Wind Turbines Solar Panels and other ways to achieve my way of life. I started my channel because I wanted to share my experience living the off grid. I started with a small 12v off gird system and now I am building a Brand New 48v Off Grid Home here in Hawaii. If you follow me you will see where i started and where i am going. I am sharing the way i have done this and want to share any tips i can to help others that may be in the same situation or may be thinking about living off the grid. There is a lot of good information on my channel and a lot more to come. My VLog.

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