Living With The Land | Part 7 | Off-grid Living

Pat Bowcock explains how she left her 9-5 lifestyle to live in tune with the land, creating her own five acre permaculture smallholding, that is her home, her work and her life.

Pat's smallholding, Ourganics Evolving Systems, features a large polytunnel, a flood garden and a forest garden, all of which she harvests and sells to the local community. The local spring is used to water the crops which then joins the River Bride and a small caravan and yurt offer a place to stay, providing extra income.

Ourganics Evolving Systems is a real example of how off-grid living is a labour of love where work and play are interchangeable and a job doesn't mean paying rent, but living a richer life.

Narrated by international lawyer and author of 'Eradicating Ecocide', Polly Higgins - http://pollyhiggins.com

Produced by Permaculture People | http://permaculturepeopleuk.tumblr.com
for Permaculture magazine | http://permaculture.co.uk

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For more information about Pat and Ourganics please visit: http://www.peasantevolution.co.uk/members_ourganics.html


Living with the Land | The Films

Living with the Land' is a series of nine short online films free to view and distribute. Produced by Permaculture People for Permaculture magazine the films showcase the people and projects in the UK designing ecologically sound and regenerative land based practices. The films will be released to coincide with the build-up to the 12th International Permaculture Convergence, in London this September | https://ipcuk.events

To see all nine films see http://www.permaculture.co.uk/living-with-the-land
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