Looking down the throat of a German V-1 Pulse Jet Engine

Leading up to the 2009 Chino Air Show, a crew at the Planes of Fame Air Museum restored a fully-functional German V-1 Pulse Jet Engine. Over the course of several months, we logged about 60 minutes on the engine in 3-5 minute increments.

Employing sophisticated forensic engineering techniques, we reverse engineered the design and fully replicated the original fuel control system, and matched it to the tuned-harmonic combustion chamber to reproduce the 42 Hz resonance that you hear.

One of the most fascinating aspects of the device is the view down it's the "throat" into the blazing combustion chamber through the flapper reeds that so masterfully control the flow of all that energy. This view is a testimony to the true genius of the original designers who created something this complex using nothing more than slide-rules and gut instinct some 65 years ago. Truly amazing!
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