Low Volt Hand Powered Joule Thief

Full credit goes to xee2 for the diagram and circuit information. This is basically just a duplication using xee2's video. Works great even though I can only get 1.2 - 1.3 volts no load from the hand held materials. When connected to the circuit load it drops to .59 V. Not close to enough to flash an LED by itself. The voltage required for small red LED at least 1.5 V and the large yellow LED 2.5 to
3 V.

Very efficient Joule Thief circuit to increase voltage that much on so little current. (milliwatts)

My circuit is slightly different in that I had 41 turns on each bifilar winding, the negative side of the LED's wired to the ground circuit, 4.7 uF capacitor instead of the 10 uF and a MPSA06 80 V Motorola NPN transistor.
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