Lueling Permanent Magnet Motor - Vintage Selfrunning Magnet Motor from the 1960s

Lueling Permanent Magnet Motor - Vintage Selfrunning Magnet Motor from the 1960s
A Facebook friend posted a link to this Video from the UFA Wochenschau 498/1966 from 08.02.1966.
I thought this case really needs some attention as the Inventor
Friedrich Lüling said his ivention works and will be tested now as a car motor but also that his invention has been sabotaged and frozen probably from the car and oil industry...
So I quickly translated it now to english language.
Sorry for the wrong translation of the word "neutralize" where I said
"neutralisized"..but I was already a bit tired.
I could not find any patents of this Magnet Motor from Friedrich Lüling, but I will look further and post the results on overunity.com
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  • Jack Mission

    Interesting, but like all over-unity claims, there are no peered reviewed papers or any way to test the claims. Another free energy device that never actually worked.