Lynx Steam Generator - Making Electricity

This engine is made up of two PM Research 2A kits linked together with a new longer 1/4" shaft. The flywheels are linked together with a steel backer for the 8 Neo magnets. The alternator coil sits under the engine and is wound from 24 awg magnet wire aprox 300 turns.
The boiler is an espresso machine that puts out about 20 psi.
I made this in about four hours. The kits are easy to assemble and wonderfully made.
Steam engines put out a lot of torque but run slower than gas engines so they need a special type of alternator.
A nice size would be 1" cylinders with a 1.5" stroke for making good power indoors from the heat of your wood stove.
I'll work on the boiler design when i get time this winter.
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