Mag-Lev Air-Turbine Car Generator - FS1

Petal - spun multigenerators can easily power magnetic wheel-hub drives as shown. However, a pedal driven AIR COMPRESSOR is cheaper and more efficient when combined with a DUAL-INTAKE magnetically levitated turbines. In the case shown, the frictionless magnetic Levitation "bearing", can also double as a DC-generator ringing the devices core. The Dual INTAKES have several advantages: 1) common garden-type hose can carry the compressed air to all corners of the vehicle (ex. the 4 mag-wheelhubs). 2) The rear pedal-compressor intake allows you to get up to speed in any conditions - to when the small external scoop-intakes take over via frontal air pressure. In difficult conditions, pedaling can resume to overcome hills, snowbound, or bumpy stretches. 3) The heating caused by the air-constriction at the inlets, can be canceled by the cooling air expansion of the outlets, bathing the inlets tube exteriors.

Magnetic bearing levitation, by cutting friction radically, allows small powerful units like the one shown use a bare minimum of torque thus allowing faster RPM's with smaller air-jet input.
Note that the entire unit never even touches the center shaft, as gyroscopic stabilization takes place at fairly low spin rate (like any common "Top").

These can be put directly into mass production of all present electric cars - to cut battery needs (costs and burn-out rates also) in half. Very soon lighter-body more powerful MAGNETIC CARS - incidently discarding steel suspension for much cheaper, lighter Magnetic suspension (also wound to generate current at every bump) - will dispense with not only Fuel, but batteries also (not to mention bank-loans and exploitive "service-contracts").

I call these the common mans' "Flying Saucers", because they utilize the gravitation systems of neo-magnets to neutralize Earth gravity, in much the same way as presumed Alien Spacecraft - except here used for Earth surface travel (as frictionless bearings), and for a few thousand, rather than a few MILLION bucks!
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