Maglev Wind Turbine ECB

Please Read the full description. You can make it if you read it carefully. Its very simple and easy design.

~ First of all, our machine is not magnetically levitated. Its not made for that function. Its a very simple design made by wings of aluminium sheet.
~ Wings are placed between 2 thin wooden plates, both these plates are glued with the central PVC pipe.
~ Whole of this Structure is not stationary and held little above from the stationary bottom to accommodate the winding.
~ At the down side of the bottom plate we glued 12 Rear Earth Magnets.
~ On the ground we placed 12 copper wire coils, having distance of around 2-3 mm from the Rear Earth Magnets.
~ Coils were stationary. when the upper structure rotates, the magnets move over the coils and electricity is produced.
~ Everybody knows the Electromagnetic induction principle.
~ The PVC pipe is glued to Roller bearings on both upper and lower side for easy movement and rotation.
~ As you can see there is a supporting structure which holds the upper roller bearing.

I hope not you can clarify your doubts about the design.
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~ Students of Mechanical Engineering(2010 Batch), Engineering College Bikaner, Bikaner, Rajasthan. (INDIA)
some pics here:
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