Magnet motor homopolar

New motor version homopolar rotation.
Needed to replicate: Wood base 18x350mm. Two circles of aluminum 110x0.5mm. and 330x0.5mm. Two neodymium magnets of 42x4mm. with a central hole. Brass rod 170x0.5mm. Battery 12 volts. Electric wire.
The magnets that are inserted in the axis of brass are to be mildly oscillating between them, in order to have an independent movement with button contacts, in this way it decreases the electrical absorption between the magnets and the circles of aluminum.
*The bolts that hold the magnets on the brass bar must be of brass metal, not of iron.
** This system has no special features to be replicated as in the video, the project can also be done as desired with other measures.
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