Magnet motor homopolar

This homopolar motor system is very easy to realize, it comprises a coil of wire, a wooden base and a magnet.
A coil of copper wire of 0.40 mm. 180 laps, total diameter 90 mm.
Two small aluminum segments, made with a sheet of a can of coke.
The aluminum segments are 12 mm. x 8 mm. and detached from each other by 2 mm. and then glued with hot glue on the wood.
The remaining part of the wood goes to housing on a semicircular support, made with an iron sheet, it is obtained from a jar for foods.
The two brushes are made with very soft electric wire.
Two simple speaker magnets, the size ranges from 50-60 mm.
Two 9 volt batteries connected together in parallel.
* The end of the wire of the coil must be cleaned from insulating paint and put one for each segment. It must do this before pasting the the segments to the wood.
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