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Dean Elliott Productions - Nov 6, 2015

I started with this idea after watching hundreds of videos on magnet motor attempts over the past 6 or 8 years..

After seeing the same ideas rehashed over and over I set out to figure out a way to beat the sticky spot that seemed to be the main barrier to all of the inventors and researchers of magnetic energy. So I came up with the sine wave idea that I call the MAGWAVE.

But for now, I want to throw this new concept out there in hopes that a few people will adopt my design and run with it. Like any other person I want some credit for my contribution, but I really want to see some new fresh ideas on how to finish this experiment.

My challenge to the other inventors is to copy my design or at least the concept and make a sine wave pattern magnetic motor of their own. You can employ any other items or concepts that you think will make this work. One item that I will suggest is Curved Linear Rail from tpa-us.com?. I urge you to post a video on what you accomplish. But please don't post any sine wave magnet motor attempts or solutions until Feb 1, 2016. That way everyone can come up with their own idea and not one from your seeds.

I found this out by accident after making the video that is linked here. OMGosh, my focus on sine wave has brought so many new possibilities into view. Here are the secrets I found. 1st of all do not use the end poles of the magnets. That is our big repeated mistake. Use the area between the center and the poles on either side. This requires long magnets or connecting several magnets. Then use that energy just beyond the inert zone. And walah that area is like a monopole. This makes the area of travel between attract and repel very small requiring very little movement or oscillation that can be viewed as a sign wave motion on the rotor. I am gonna get a 3d printer to make some precise parts.

I just don't have the resources to be able to pursue this as it should be done.

Dean Elliott
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