Magnetic Levitation Lenz's Law Demonstration

Levitating a magnet above spinning aluminum plates Lenz's Law demonstration DIY.
Demonstration of Lenz’s Law principle by levitating a magnet above spinning aluminum hard drive platers.
Lenz’s Law description short and simple:
The magnet induces a voltage in the aluminum plates due to the relative motion.
This induced voltage creates an opposing magnetic field which repels the magnet and cause it to levitate.

This is just a quick preliminary lenz law demo before we build a Lenz’s Law demonstration apparatus for a Lenz’s Law science project.

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This old hard drive BLDC motor is run by a RC ESC controlled with a servo tester and powered by a regulated DC PS.

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Lenz’s Law Definition:
A principle stating that an electric current, induced by a source such as a changing magnetic field, always creates a counterforce opposing the force inducing it. This law explains such phenomena as diamagnetism and the electrical properties of inductors. The law is named after its discoverer, German physicist Heinrich Lenz (1804-1865).

Eddy Currents Definition:
an electric current in a conducting material that results from induction by a moving or varying magnetic field.
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