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Magnetic Motor Research (Leapfrogging Effect)

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In early 2010, my life took a sudden turn, a life changing event that took me away from my research found in this video and other videos I've posted here on this channel. After a three year hiatus and several attempts to resume my research, I am finally back on track and look forward to magnetic research and development.

However, the loss of my home along with my life savings, and now in the middle of the move of my life has made it next to impossible to continue my research. Soon I will be off grid and living on a mountain top while I build myself a new home.

Back around 2007 when I built my first prototype, it truly worked despite what some might believe otherwise. I made videos of it and posted it which is what caused two previous Youtube channels of mine to get shut down over the past years. Youtube/Google warned me to never post that video again, but a flood made sure that would never happen again. Determined more than ever, I tore my working prototype apart for parts to build a second prototype but never finished do to a folly of life changing events. Though my personal life is really no one’s business, I hope this helps to address any concerns.

It's interesting to note that of all the videos on the web, few to non reveal, let alone explain in great detail as to just how a "magnet motor" might be possible, let alone the physics required to build a working magnet motor, a motor that runs solely on magnets.

Since our current law of physics says that magnets alone cannot do work, that would mean that a magnet motor would be impossible. My video here explores what I have found to be, "a hole or gap in our current law of physics.

None of my videos have been faked and use editing tricks. What you see is 100% genuine.

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