Magnetic Shielding For Free Energy Magnet Motor Generator. The Holy Grail Of Free Energy.

I discovered this magnetic shielding in summer of -08 and open-sourced it because I have no time anymore to build my motor. So I give this to those who have time and inspiration to build their own motors.
Tell everybody You know, about this shielding, and everywhere You can. I want this to spread as much as possible before government removes this video from youtube.
This is a Cheapest, Simplest and Easiest way to make magnetic shielding for your free-energy perpetual motion neodymium magnet powered all-magnet motor.
This is for everyone to do, because it's so easy and cheap and does not require expensive Mu-metal. Amount of required tools is minimum and almost no technical knowledge is needed.
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This system of free energy shielding is used in magnet motors whose are used as free energy generators for lighting bulbs etc. For construction were used zinked iron plate strips, aluminum plate strips and strong neodymium magnets. Explained step by step how to build free energy magnetic shielding, presented by Sparky Sparkman.
Rotation of the all-magnet motor is only based on magnetic field power without need of electricity. It is simple construction utilizing magnetic disattraction and generating free electricity.

Music on this video is Leave made by me ;-)

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