The proposed model of the wind turbine dwells on the implementation of an alternate configuration of a wind turbine for power generation purposes. Using the effects of magnetic repulsion, spiral shaped wind turbine blades will be fitted on a rod for stability during rotation and suspended on magnets as a replacement for ball bearings which are normally used on conventional wind turbines. The aim of the project is to implement a **magnetically levitated** vertical axis wind turbine system that has the ability to operate under both low as well as high wind speed conditions. The main choice while designing was to increase its efficiency in varying wind conditions as compared to the traditional horizontal axis wind turbine and contribute to its steady growing popularity for the generation of huge amount of power [renewable] in future.This levitation will be used between the rotating shaft of the turbine blades and the base which causes the whole wind turbine system to be **suspended in zero Gravity**. The conceptual design also entails the usage of spiral shaped blades which gives **universal rotation & also increases wind resistance capability**. Also generator is made in such a way that there is **no use of dynamo** so brushes and Gear box is eliminated efficiently. The varying output voltage obtained at this juncture will then be passed through a rectifier & a DC-DC converter to achieve a steady output DC voltage. Hence ***the home for the magnetically levitated vertical axis wind turbine would be in residential areas. Here it can be mounted to a roof and be very efficient and practical. A home owner would be able to extract free clean energy thus experiencing a reduction in their utility cost and also contribute to the "Green Energy" awareness that is increasingly gaining popularity***.
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