MAHLE Waste Heat Recovery

The reduction of the fuel consumption of HD trucks is and will remain a major development driver for heavy duty trucks. About 30% of the energy out of the fuel gets lost with the exhaust. This energy can be used in a so called Clausius Rankine process. In this steam process, a working fluid (e.g. Ethanol) gets evaporated under high pressure in an evaporator. The expansion takes place in an expansion machine. After the condensation of the working fluid in a coolant cooled condenser, the pump increases the pressure and provides the required mass flow, depending on the heat source that is available. This steam process is well known from stationary applications and was transferred to mobile on-road applications.

The energy out of the WHR system can be whether coupled mechanically to the crankshaft or electrically stored in a battery. MAHLE is offering product solutions for both kinds of energy coupling. By using the exhaust energy, the fuel consumption of HD trucks can be reduced by 3 – 5% for longhaul applications.

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