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Make Fuel from Almost Anything: GEET Engine Explained

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Also See GEET Technology On Engines: http://rebuilding.geetinternational.com/videos/
Also See The Documentary "Indelible Promise" https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=indelible+promise

With his brilliant imagination- genius inventor Paul Pantone- with many sleepless nights and days throughout a lifetime of experimentation- discovered how to use the natural forces of the universe- to reduce the gasoline molecule- including all gasoline additives- into it's elemental states from molecules to atoms(see the periodic table of elements) the fuel produced has a molecular weight between hydrogen and helium, but is not hydrogen nor helium, and is a highly charged particle or positively charged particle also referred to as an intelligent plasma fuel, not harmful to humans.

This system generates an electrostatic magnetic resonance.
It is noted that the Reaction Chamber does not emit Alpha- Beta Nor Gamma radiation and is thus not harmful to humans. It has also been noted that the reaction area of the Plasma Generation Chamber will expose Xray film without any harm to humans, and will show soft tissue as well- identical to an mri(magnetic resonance imaging) machine. Contact GEET International for specifics.

Paul Pantone calls his discovery GEET. Which is a miniature fuel refinery and fuel maker that you build for yourself. GEET stands for Global Environmental Energy Technology. GEET is a resonant energy collector and fuel maker. Which works in harmony(in resonance) with the natural forces of the universe(the entire universe is made up of 100% pure energy) to create an abundance of fuel- on demand- which can be safely stored for later use(please confirm with GEET International for specifics).

Paul Pantone permit me to read these files and documents onto video in order to share with everyone- how this miniature- do it yourself resonant energy collector- and fuel maker works.

Paul has permit each individual to build one system, Beyond this- a license will have to be purchased in order to continue building more systems.

These plans are not permitted to be used for commercial use- unless a proper license is purchased from GEET International.

These free build plans do not come with customer support. For customer support- contact GEET International in order to learn how to purchase the GEET License.

I do not work for GEET International. I read these files in order to share with everyone my journey of learning about the geet resonant energy collector and fuel maker- for personal use. I have built a small engine geet with supplies from the local hardware store and use of an oxygen-acetylene welder, brazer, cutter and the help of an electric pipe threader to thread the pluming pipes to exact fit when assembling the reaction area where the smaller pipe fits within the larger pipe, with hot and cold traveling in opposite directions- but each pipe sealed from one another and exhaust and fuel not coming into contact with one another.

In the video you will see it noted that a small engine fitted with a geet fuel maker- has made enough fuel on demand- to run a train- with significant reductions in air pollution and no loss of power.

The research in this video- has help me formulate an idea of how GEET works- and why GEET works. Paul Pantone first discovered the GEET Fuel Processor over 35 years ago. This video introduces the basic concept and practical application of this technology- with the world.

Any engine that has been fitted with a geet fuel and exhaust system- when tuned by a trained geet installer- will use less fuel and emit less air pollution compared to the original fuel and exhaust systems.

Note: You may inquire about Global Environmental Energy Technology Courses Offered by contacting The GEET International Main Web Site. You may also request to be put onto the GEET Mailing List to keep updated with the latest information regarding education opportunities, latest E-Books Available for purchase- Latest Documentaries(See Indelible Promise) and new courses offered both online- as well as the continually expanding network of courses offered throughout the world.

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