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Make Paramagnetic Fluid ("Parafluid")

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Paramagnetic fluid or “parafluid” is a fluid that is attracted to a magnet. It’s weaker than the more famous ferrofluid but is transparent and somewhat easier to make. To make it, a paramagnetic salt like manganese (II) nitrate is dissolved in water until saturated. The solution is paramagnetic and will be attracted to a magnet. But because it’s so weak the attraction is limited. To assist, a density matched suspension of the parafluid in an immiscible carrier fluid is needed. In this video, dichloromethane was used and the correct density for the solution of manganese nitrate and water was found by trial and error.

Chloroform is an even better carrier fluid and in fact is dense enough that it must be diluted with dichloromethane instead of the manganese nitrate solution. I recommend using using chloroform and dichloromethane if you have it. I didn't use it at the time of the video because I didn't have it on hand.

Other paramagnetic salts include manganese (II) chloride, manganese (II) sulfate, gadolinium nitrate, dysprosium nitrate, etc.

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