Make Plasma Generator DIY-Circuit!

A homemade & very simple Pulse Motor or a Mechanical inverter. I made the Rotor from hard disk with axial magnetic levitation that helps the weight of the rotor with 4 Neodymium Magnets all in North Pole. 1 air-core Coil 30 AWG Gauge Enameled Copper wire, I didn't count the turns on the coil but is 36 ohm! The right position of the coil and "BIG" reed-switch generating enough Plasma-Energy! without any "welding" problems to drive 220v 3watt LED buld can be achieved, nice and very-bright. YES! Another successful Experiment on high Efficient '"pulse" Magnet Motor.

In Memory of "John Bedini" passed away on November/5/2016 RIP

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If you would like to DONATE for materials & equipments - Magnets & Magnet wire, lab TOOLS & any other building supplies, variable power supply ect. This would help my research. God bless Thanks ELEMAN.

Many Thanks "" for the Scopemeter
UNI-T Digital Multimeter UT81B Scopemeter. Here it is!!
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