Make Your Own Alternator External Voltage Regulator

Great circuit if you would like to make your own external voltage regulator for any alternator. Output voltage depends on which zener diode you use. Use a 12 or 13 V zener for charging (1) 12v lead acid battery, and use a 25-27V zener for charging (2) 12V lead acid batteries in series, OR use a 6V -6.2V zener to charge a 6v lead acid battery. You may have to adjust the value of the 1.5K resistor in the schematic to get the 2n3904 to work properly.

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I used the LOWER schematic!

I used a 3.7K in place of the 1.5K, 900 ohms instead of the 1K, (2) 250V - 2.2uF electrolytic caps instead, and I used (2) zeners in series to get a total of 12.7V which gives the output of 14.7V.

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