Make Your Own HHO Gas Generator For Enhanced Gas Mileage Part 2


The HHO gas is mixed with normal gasoline to produce a highly efficient and potent fuel blend. Using HHO as a supplement greatly improves the combustion rate of gasoline and enhances overall fuel economy. Simply by installing a HHO gas generator, you can enjoy between 50% to 70% improved gas mileage. This can easily mean $1000s in gas savings each and every year for the average car owner.

Most importantly, this technology is now put in the hands of the average consumer like you and me who are most affected by costly gas. This technology has now been translated into excellent guides/manuals that provide step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow even by a layman. Using inexpensive parts and components, this entire DIY system can be set up for $150 or less (including a good quality guide and the necessary parts). This is a pittance, compared to what you are already paying for gas now.

In addition, by making and installing your own HHO gas generator, you are eligible for IRS tax refunds for running your car on "green technology". This means even more money in your pocket! You can get up to $2,000 in tax refunds for a regular family-sized car, while a large truck can fetch you $50,000. This is definitely music to the ears of many drivers who have been paying through their nose for gas.
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