Making a 32 Plate 31 cell HHO Cell

This is the method used by commercial HHO welders that use series cell design. This cell was designed to run on 120 volts using baking soda (4 volts per cell). I will switch to lye, but I have to cut another 31 plates. This project is the reason I made a plasma cutter. These type of designs are very efficient and produce very little heat. Each cell is isolated from every other cell. This makes it a pain to fill, but makes for great efficiency. A wider plate spacing lets the gas out and 3/8 inch is found to be the most efficient (liters per hour per watt hour).

When All was said and done the silicone leaked. I pulled it off and used a thick rubber seal between the pipe and the end plate. This seals completely. I cut the rubber ring from 2 more of those rubber pipe ends.

This cell was intended to run in a car using a 110 volt inverter. Using an 80 uF capacitor in line with the ac limits current to 4 amps. This prevents thermal run away and is super simple. Inverters are common and cheap now; they are also efficient.
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