Making a metal melting furnace from DIY oil burner

Here I use a Waste oil burner as a small aluminum furnace with crucible and directly melting in the burner itself. This setup would be ideal for DIY'ers who have occasional need to melt small amounts of Aluminum ( up to 10 lbs) but do not want to go to the expense of a refractory furnace or have the space for one.

Using any form of waste oil WVO, WMO, ATF etc, aluminum can be melted in the burner either directly or in a crucible.
The burner is made from an old 9 Kg gas bottle and is featured in my other vids. The Crucible is simply some thick wall 4" pipe with a piece of 1/4" plate welded on the bottom.

The waste oil burner is running on used cooking oil but can run any other combustible liquid. The fuel is blown in by the air stream from the blower and is directed in a swirling motion around the edge of the burner. The crucible heat up quickly and the aluminum is rapidly reduced to a pourable or castable liquid.

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