Making A Powerful Micro Tesla Turbine [Full Video]

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On this video I'm making a micro sized Tesla turbine motor that is being currently powered by compressed air. I'm already surpised by its performance, the torque seems to be sufficient to power a small generator and produce some useful amounts of electricity. All tests made with compressed air at 30psi. I'm really curious to see what it can do on steam.
I'd like to apologize for the assembly of the rotor itself for not appearing on the video, it's becasue for some reason the footage was way blurry and was absolutely not watchable.

Some interesting information about this Tesla turbine.

- The rotor has 12 discs (20mm diameter) with 0.18mm spacing.
- Clearance from the housing is 0.1mm.
- Clearance from the end caps is 0.18mm.
- Uses 2 micro bal bearings 2x5x2.5mm.

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