Making Algae Biodiesel at Home

http://algae-book.com/biofuel (941) 870-2306 Making Algae Biodiesel at Home. Imagine you could eliminate the cost of heating your home in the winter time...or how about fueling your car for a fraction of the cost of traditional gasoline? 
With the price of gas creeping back up to nearly $3.00 per gallon, (or more) we're finally beginning to realize that dependence on foreign oil and the rapidly declining natural resources available worldwide are making it critical to producing alternative, and renewable, fuel sources.  

Best of all, algae biodiesel is clean burning and has an extremely low impact on the environment! 

Now, suppose you could discover the secrets of making algae biodiesel fuel from your own home, with a small investment in time, equipment, money, and without much space? Find out more.

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