Making Ferrofluid

This video shows my attempt of making the magnetic liquid, ferrofluid. I realise this isn't how you make "real" ferro, but I was curious as to see how well this method actually worked and share it with others as it's A LOT cheaper.

First I test the ferrofluid in an empty jar, then pour it into some water for an extra test. I used a tsp to measure the oil, however I was just trying to match the consistency of the previous ferrofluid I've used. The equipment is shown below.

Ingredients Test 1:
Mineral Oil (10w40 Multigrade for petrol engines) - £1.49 Buyology
MICR HP/Canon Toner -

Ingredients Test 2 (worked better):
Mineral Oil (Bikehut Brake Fluid) -
MICR HP/Canon Toner -

Neodymium Magnets -

The second test worked a little better than the first as the oil was a bit thinner. However, ferrofluid isn't supposed to float, I'm guessing this was due to the type of oil? Any help would be appreciated. The magnets I used (link above) are very strong, I was pretty surprised that larger spikes didn't appear. I will try again with even larger magnets soon! Enjoy!

Music: Coeur De Pirate - Comme Des Enfants (Le Matos Andy Carmichael Remix)
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