Making Plastic Rod Stock - Melting HDPE Milk Jugs

In this video I melt HDPE milk jugs to get a block of plastic from which I need to make a pulley for an electric motor. Because I had no decent plywood and HDPE is easily available and great pulley material.



Don't do anything you see me do. Stay SAFE!

Here's some things I do to make this safer, but do your own research. I ain't no chemist or doctor.
- I only use HDPE, other plastics might give nastier fumes.
- I don't try to guess if something is HDPE or not, I only use the things clearly marked.
- I only use translucent HDPE, clear or colored one might have nasty aditives.
- There are two types of HDPE, the one blown like the jugs and the one molded, like caps and buckets and such.
- I only use HDPE from milk jugs, the one made in molds might have aditives to make it flow better.
- I Keep it the right temperature and work in a well ventilated room.
- I only do this rarely, constant exposure to fumes has risks.

You... should not do this!
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