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The GIRIRAJ Water Power Fuel Saver kit is a retrofit device that can be installed and connected to any internal combustion engine, regardless of the engine's fuel source. It is a closed chamber unit that produces hydrogen and oxygen on demand. There is no storage of hydrogen or oxygen, making the technology extremely safe.

Hydrogen, in combinations with other electrolyzed gases introduced into the intake manifold of the engine, will accelerate the flame spread during combustion, thereby getting more of the vaporized fuel to combust during the initial part of the power stroke. The benefits of the addition of Hydrogen in an internal combustion engine, including a diesel engine have been well researched.

Road Tests have shown 25-90% increases in mileage with the additional implementation of driving tips. Most engines equipped with electronic fuel injection and on-board computers adjust automatically, by cutting back on the amount of fuel injected. For optimum mileage gain & Safety of the Product as well as Customers, we have developed a ECM which controls the Production of Gas as well as adjust the Vehicles' on-board Computer Automatically which helps the computer make the optimum adjustments.

The product can be used on all types and combinations of fuels: gasoline, diesel, natural gas, liquid propane, methanol, ethanol and bio-diesel. Due to the on-board Production of Hydrogen & Oxygen by the GIRIRAJ Fuel Cell, there is no requirement for the market place to undertake or conduct any infrastructure changes. This provides an immediate solution with no extensive costs to industry or the public. In fact, the GIRIRAJ Water Powered Fuel Saver kit can actually SAVE environment as well as money due to reduced operating costs. GIRIRAJ Water Powered Fuel Saver kit can be installed & tested on various types of engines -- everything from gasoline powered riding Tractor to large diesel powered industrial equipments.

The only "servicing" required for the GIRIRAJ Water Powered Fuel Saver kit is the need to add Conditioned water. The GIRIRAJ Water Powered Fuel Saver kit uses approximately one Liter of water for each 10,000 to 12,000 Kilometers or 150 hours of usage.

Normally Electrolysis generates large amount of sludge & it needs periodic Maintenance to flush the complete system & again pour new electrolyte, while in GIRIRAJ H2o Kit it is not required at all. This requires only addition of water in FBA Unit.

Long-term usage has indicated that the GIRIRAJ Water Powered Fuel Saver kit significantly reduces maintenance cost by decreasing the amount of carbon and other particulate matter in the engines oil. Users have found that oil change is required less often. In addition, many of the engines moving parts experience less wear and tear due to a cleaner burn.


Increased sophistication of engine computerization, exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), and ever-changing diesel fuel formulations can override the positive effects of hydrogen injection. It also controls the Production of Hydrogen + Oxygen Gas as per need of your Engine's requirement. The company has undertaken extensive research into the development of an Electronic Control Module (ECM) to work in either a stand-alone application with an engine's fuel delivery system or in conjunction with the GIRIRAJ Water Power Fuel Saver Kit. The ECM prototype is currently being programmed and tested. This product has significant market potential in the trucking industry.

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