Marx Generator Mark 1

This Marx array consists of 2 strings each consisting of 20kV 1000 pf capacitors separated by 1 Mohm 2W carbon resistors. The potential with 10KV DC input is 180KV. However, this is limited by the suboptimal setup with the 2 arrays spaced too close together. The DC input is supplied by a flyback transformer. One thing I noticed during running this was flashover on on of the resistor on the left sided array. I found the reason for this was a redundant capacitor (the most inferior one on the left sided array that was not contributing to the output). The correct circuit should have 8 caps on the left array and 9 on the right array. I have since removed this "extra" cap and will shortly retest the circuit. In addition, I added silicone to all of the solder points to reduce corona discharge.
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