MC19 HHO Dry Cell Setup and Tips

This video is a basic setup and tips for the Fuel Cell LLC MC19 hho dry cell. It is a basic cell, for beginners, and very easy to setup as you can see. Tank is a 1qt tank from USPlastics.

Always mount basic cells if not using a pump, at an angle. Do not mount them flat, or you will receive major back pressure. Does not matter who's cell it is, it will always ocurr due to fluid dynamics.

I have provided a chart int he video for those who do not know amerages fluently. Simply, if it .5 amps at 120 volts AC, then 12 volts it is about 5 amps. 3 amps would equal 30 amps.

Also, if your intented usage of a hydrogen generator puts it into the environment and not a bench unit, use a can of PlastiDip and coat that cell thoroughly, so you can protect it from the elements, corrosion, electric shorts, etc.
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