Melt Aluminum Metal with the Mini Forge - Home Back Yard Aluminium Foundry

Today we will be testing a small furnace we made to melt Aluminium.

We will be making a larger version from a beer keg in the coming weeks and wanted to try a smaller version first as a proof of concept and test our design and materials.

We lined a regular steel bucket with fireplace insulating clay and cut a hole in the side to allow an air pipe to be inserted. The source of the air will be my wife's hair-dryer.

We want to test 3 things:

- How easy it is to reach temperatures of 700 degrees and will regular house coal and a hair-dryer reach those kind of temperatures?

- How well the insulating clay holds up to extreme temperatures and its reuse-ability.

- See if drinks cans are suitable as a source of aluminium and whether they will melt into something we can actually collect.
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