MFOS Seven Segment Linear Envelope Generator

The MFOS Seven Segment Linear Envelope Generator provides from 2 to 7 linear segments you use to design a voltage envelope to control analog synth modules. The slope and threshold for each segment is settable. This took a couple of months to develop and I despaired that it might never be viable but with a little bit of persistence and inspiration - ka-bam here it is. This is an advanced project and you will need electronic test equipment and trouble shooting skills to successfully build one. The schematics and complete description of the project are here:

Some features of the project are:

•Selectable Two to Seven Linear Envelope Segments
•Positive and Negative Slopes
•Triggered Mode Supports Sustain Segments
•Gate Mode 1: Complete Envelope on Gate Release.
•Gate Mode 2: Reset Envelope on Gate Release.
•Level and Polarity Output Control
•Two millisecond to several minutes long segment times.
•Slope runaway detect and reset.
•Envelope Repeat
•Manual Gate
•LEDs Identify Active Segment


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