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With the increase of companies researching oil alternative fuel sources, Mitsubishi Gas Chemical is developing their Direct Methanol Fuel Cell, DMFC, which uses methanol and the surrounding air to create energy.

In MGC's DMFC, the methanol interacts with a hydrogen ion layer while the air interacts with a Platinum catalyst layer These two layers are separated by a polymer coated electrode catalyst that connects the two layers to create power. The exhaust, Carbon dioxide and water, are separated by MGC's uniqe exhaust gas control system

Because of the improved control of the Platinum catalyst at nano level, reaction efficiency and the long reliability of the electrode, the DMFC can provide 130mW/cm2.

The current model under development has a maximum output of 300W, 4000ml fuel tank, and can run for 8 hours straight. It can be turned on and off with the flip of a switch and used to power appliances such as lights and refrigerators.
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