Michael Faraday and the Homopolar Generator

This clip is from The Peoples Free Energy Show Episode “History is Written by the Winners”.
The full episode and accompanying powerpoint can be found here:

This video and its accompanying powerpoint presentation is opensourced. FTW grants permission for others to mirror this video on youtube and embed it on websites as long as it is done so in its entirety and un-edited. Our goal is to ensure that the vital information portrayed in this video is widely disseminated.
Note about video/sound quality
This video was created live streaming. This was important to ensure that we provided an open opportunity for people to ask live questions. There is some slightly scratchy audio quality and a delay in the screen share. This is 100% due to the upload speed for the internet infrastructure in Morocco which is at about .2mps. There is nothing we can do about this. However, we have provided all slides freely which should help for anyone who wished to follow along with the information as we present it.
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