Micro DIY Foundry - Charcoal Fired "Fan Forced" 5-Can "Furnace" 1800+F -Melts Aluminum! (cooks too!)

Micro DIY Foundry/Forge. Melts Aluminum!. Super Easy to Make. Made with only 5 cans. no special tools required. it's charcoal (or wood) fired and is fan-forced for super hot temps. 1800F+ (982C+). video shows Furnace & Metal Melting and has Full Instructions for building it. this mini metal-melter melts aluminum in minutes. This multi-use furnace/stove can be charcoal or wood fired and can be used with or without the fan (for cooking). *works similar to a standard rocket stove when not using a blower/fan. (it's basically a rocket stove with a turbo!). for the crucible i used a small steel soup can cut in half and a tomato paste can. the all "steel-can" construction handles the hi-temps (occasionally a can may need to be replaced - but they're just old food cans, so no biggie). remember safely if attempting to make this. i wore a full face shield ($3.99 from harbor freight tools) along with protective eye wear a particle mask and occasionally gloves. couple of notes: the furnace got so hot i didn't need to put charcoal on the sides of the crucible (just underneath it). *if you add some around the sides the metal should melt even faster. in total, i melted 7-8 cans plus a handful of aluminum foil (don't bother with the aluminum foil. a handful of it only melts down to a few drops). and finally make sure that the aluminum you add is completely dry.
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