Micro-Hydro Turbine System 2kW – 5kW

Micro-Hydro Turbine system produces 2kW to 5kW of electricity using the natural flow of water. Installed in rivers and irrigation canals, it is useful in small and remote communities that require only a small amount of electricity. Available now in Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar and Vietnam.
- 2kW 3-phase 220V
- 3kW 3-phase 220V,
- 4kW 3-phase 220V,
- 5kW 3-phase 220V
- Optimum Power Generating RPM: 300~350rpm
- Water Wheel Min Head Height: 1 metre
- Optimum Water Speed: 1-3 m/s
- Inverter Rating: 5kW
- Max Power Input: 5400W
- Standard DC Input Voltage: 100V~550V
- Max Power Tracking Voltage Range: 175V to 500V +/-5%
- Self-Protection System: Short-circuit brake/Resistance brake
- Circuit Conversion: Battery Storage/Network Supply

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