Micro Marx Generator

Just a very simple marx generator i have made in 20 minuts.

Power source = 9V battery, 555 timer + mosfet running a ordinary 9V transformers, produces about 220V, a voltage multiplier (1N4007 + 1nF 500V capacitors) multiplies it 14 times, wich gives about 3 - 4 kV. Then a 20 MOhm resistor powers the generator.

Generator itself = 5 x 1nF, 4kV capacitor + 8 x 1 MOhm resistors
The resistors are made from 3 0.5W 330 KOhm resistors.

Spark lenght 13 mm - its much louder then it appears on the video. Perhaps 15 - 20 kV The buzz comes from the 555 circuit and the transformer.

Just a demonstration :)
Hope you like it
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