Micro Tesla Turbine MK2 | Part2 | Housing, End Caps, Nozzle

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This is part 2 of the micro Tesla turbine mk2 building series. It took way longer than I was expecting, due to the fact that I had to rebuilt the rotor. I run into some issues while making it and the one you see on the video is practically the 4th rotor (and succesful) and each one was taking roughly 4-5 days to make. The new rotor has 22 total discs (instead of 18 that the original had). The most important thing though (and the reason that I had to remake it) was the spacers between the discs that are held in the 4 supporting tubes, which are way small in diameter thatn the original ones (1.9mm vs 7mm) allowing more airflow between the discs and thus increacing the boundary layer effect. I didn't finish the build on this part because the video is already lenghty and I didn't want to make you lose interest

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