Mikes DIY Powerwall Update 31 MPT-7210A MPPT Solar Charge Controller Testing Part1/4

Ming He MPT-7210A MPPT Solar Charge Controller Testing.
Thought i would give this cheaper unit a go.
Testing using 2x240w solar panels 61volts and my 5kWh powerwall at 83v
1. Input voltage: DC12-60V
2. Output voltage: DC24V-72V can be the key to set voltage is continuously adjustable to accommodate 24V / 36V / 48V / 72V battery pack
3. Output Current: 0-10A key settings can be continuously adjustable
Output Power: 600W maximum output power of best-fit 100W-600W solar panels, the greater the power, MPPT effect is more obvious.
4. Scope: 20W-600W, applicable 12-60V solar panels to the battery group, lithium battery packs, distributed household photovoltaic power generation systems, solar car wind turbines, solar street lamps.
For $ 32.45 US
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