Mikes DIY Powerwall Update 43 - Part3 Arduino Powerwall BMS

Part 1/5 - BMS Do you need to use one? Thoughts
Part 2/5 - My BMS Needs and Thoughts
Part 3/5 - Main Arduino BMS Build
Part 4/5 - Arduino BMS Build - AC Relay Switch
Part 5/5 - Arduino BMS Monitoring
1. Monitor Battery Voltage
2. Monitor Current using 3 current sensors 1 for each bank of 5kWh then total them together
3. Turn Inverter on and off using AC relay, depending on the battery voltage. eg Over-Discharge Protection, Turn relay off at 60v and turn on again above 75v
4. Manual timer for setting on and off times which means no code changes later.
5. Display voltage and current and SOC on LCD screen
6. Send over RF-433 the batt voltage and current1, current 2, current 3, Current total, Watts, SOC, to web monitoring system
7. Cell monitoring and balancing will be next, This BMS will then monitor for an alert if there is one the AC relay will be turned off. Will add DC relay to solar chargers so they can be disconnected if alert also found. Relay on the solar and inverter might be easier than on the main battery cable.
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