MIT on Climate = Science + Action | Climate Change | Speaker: Ron Prinn

"Climate Change: The Greenhouse Gamble"

Ron Prinn
Director, Center for Global Change Science and TEPCO Professor, EAPS

A Symposium Presented by the Department of Earth, Atmospheric & Planetary Sciences co-sponsored by the Lorenz Center, the Houghton Fund, and the MIT Alumni Association.

Wednesday, January 27 2016
Kirsch Auditorium, MIT Stata Center (32-123)

Taking action on climate change has become a dominating issue—globally, nationally, locally and even here at MIT. Yet so many questions remain. How much and how quickly will climate change? How will these changes manifest and where? What are the greatest risks posed by a changing climate and how likely are these worst-case outcomes? What is the science behind climate change, and how can basic research inform our efforts to avert, mitigate and adapt to its impacts?

Essential knowledge built through basic climate research lies at the core of all these questions. We would not even recognize that earth’s climate is changing were it not for the cumulative efforts of climate scientists over the past five decades, many of them here at MIT. And we cannot hope to improve the climate outcome for ourselves and future generations without the vital, ongoing contributions of fundamental climate science research.

Touching on everything from the essentials of planetary climate through the complexities of Earth’s climate system to the challenges of finding the will to act on our knowledge to address current climate change, the symposium features talks and discussion by faculty experts from across the spectrum of climate research at MIT, and keynote speakers Marcia McNutt (Editor-in-Chief of Science) and Justin Gillis (Environmental Science Writer for The New York Times).
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