Modern Geothermal Hvac Engineering and Control Applications | Ebook

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Best practices for the design and engineering of geothermal Hvac systems With a focus on market needs and customer goals, this practical guide explains how to realize the full potential of geothermal Hvac by integrating hydronic systems and controls at maximum capacity. Modern Geothermal Hvac: Engineering and Control Applications explains how to engineer and specify geothermal Hvac for building projects in varying geographic regions. Typical details on control parameters are provided. By using the proven methods in this innovative resource, you will be able to develop highly efficient, long-lasting, and aesthetically pleasing geothermal Hvac systems. Coverage includes: Low-temperature geothermal or earth coupling Geothermal heat-pump equipment Variations in earth coupling Application of earth coupling with regard to site conditions Closed-loop earth coupling and fusion Intermediate heat exchanger usage in geothermal applications Standing column and open geothermal systems Fundamentals of comfort, psychrometrics, and thermodynamics Hydronic and air Hvac system basics Hydronic Hvac system equipment Variations and improvements to hydronic systems Control systems Load sharing and energy recovery Calculating system efficiencies, heat gain, and loss Geothermal rebates, incentives, and renewables legislation
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