Molten Aluminum Vs 'Spitballs' - SO COOL!! (water balz)

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I packed a fishtank completely full of water balls (water beads, water balz, orbeez, spitballs...). Im guessing there are over 10,000 in there!
Anyway, I melted a bunch of old aluminum pipes and poured them into the fishtank hoping to create a cool design. And it worked perfectly! These are really unique, no two pieces are alike.

Vat 19 was nice enough to supply me with the spitballs to use in this video :)

They are also posting a version of this on their youtube channel, which I will link to soon when its posted.

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Thank you Tito4re for the inspiration!
I was watching a video by "Tito4re" where he poured molten copper on waterballs, and that inspired me to fill my fishtank with them, so go visit his channel, it would help him out :)
Molten Copper Vs. Water Balls:
Tito4re:!details?id=10716372 first song!details?id=10709524 last song
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