Monopole motor just copper wire/ magnets n52

Its gonna be part of an electric scooter one day, theres 8 x n52 magnets and 1 x air-core coil no iron cores . 60turns of 2mm thick and 80turns of 1mm thick wire so i have an input and an output. Running on 12v bike battery lead acid., with one of these coils it goes for 45 minutes before it starts slowing down and this little battery dies but you could have a car battery or two and it would go faster for longer. If you have more coils it should use less power .im gonna have 7 coils eventually the 8th slot is taken by the magnetic mechanical switch, with is a piece of iron in the at a certain point in the copper wire that makes and breaks contact as the magnet goes by, when the magnet is aligned with the coil it's always off you want all the magnets like north facing out and coils same direction , you want it set up to push the magnets away , pulling towards is slower, i got 3 coils towards the end it'll be about a year before i get another four on there as I'm now working on a power transformer that i think will up the voltage and the current at the same time ill draw a schematic once I've finished it im still gonna make it into a motor cause then it can switch itself on and off, turns a dc pulse into a kind of ac wave im gonna make and sell wind generators more powerful cheaper and smaller
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