Monopole Motor/Generator/Radiant Energy - Light Test

Ok I will have to update this video in the next few days. I dont have my data with me. but what you see here as the motor starts I have lights connected to my green coils (generator) in STAR configuration. I have finally as you can tell got new bearings but they did not fit for my rotor shaft (Carbon Steel - non-ferrous). I had to use my motor (as a lathe) to file down my shaft size to 3/8 inch thickness for 3/8 I.D. bearing which worked ... just took time. Anyways back to the video... Without load on my Generator (green coils (4 phase)) at top speed generates 15.10 volts. The two lights are automotive 12 volt lights I believe combined are about ~+/- 6 watts output. The yellow multimeter is reading the Primary 12v car battery (running) and the Red Mulltimeter is the charging batteries (2 x 7ah in parallel) in the SSG configuration. I disconnect the generator from running the load (12v lights) bypassing the output from the generator to charge the Primary battery.

The other generator through induction of the third winding of my drive trifilar coils(Copper color.) The third winding on only 4 coils are then connected in a 4 phase configuration to charge capacitors, then I place a 20 watt halogen 12v light load on the capacitor.

Throughout the video I try different configurations lighting through induction and with combination of my generator at same time to see how much power I can extract before motor slows down due to Lenz Law.

I have calculated (estimate) :
Input power :
+/- 26 Watts

20 watt halogen 12 volt bulb ( 4 bedini Circuit coils through induction of third winding)
+/- 4.5 watts for automotive 12v (1 light) (from Generator (green coils)
Spinning shaft around 2400 rpm with load.
other 8 SSG coils Charging the charge battery (output unknown)

Note: I noticed the audio was strange sounded like 2 motors running. I realized when I was recording with my laptop that it was the fan running from my laptop was over dubbed over this video. sorry~!
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