Most Efficient HHO Drycell Unit: Punch 5.0 , independent testing

As a seller of HHO products I'm thoroughly fed up with trying to compete with sellers and absurd internet/E Bay claims made to make there product seem better than the next.
The Punch 5.0 claim here was this cell will do 1LPM @ 13.8 volts and 10 amps.
To my understanding this would represent over 100% efficiency.
I purchased and ran the Punch 5.0 HHO cell. It was run hooked to my truck first to simulate exactly what one would expect. With 13.5 total volts at the cell (What you would expect as a net voltage with 13.8 at the battery) it needed 1/2 cup of KOH to 1/2 gal of water to get almost anything out of. So in all fairness I ran a test at higher voltage. ~14.3V. The Video tells the whole story very clearly. The manufacturer's claim has since been upped to 15 amp/1LPM. It still doesn't do that. Nor have they removed there video showing this claim.

Time to be fair. I plan to get more of these cells from manufacturers that grossly over state performance to get sales.
Lets get this industry heading in the right direction. I suggest other manufacturers do the same and in essence "Self Police" the industry.
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