Motorbike runs fueled by 100% tap water!

Greek inventor and electronic engineer Petros Zografos presents here an application of his patented method for oscillatory pulse catalytic hydrogen (HHO) extraction from sea water to be used as fuel.
A miniaturized model of his generator is adjusted onto a motorbike, without modifying the existing engine, and HHO is fed into the internal carburetor from a plastic tube.
Note that the driver does never touch his right hand on the wheel gas socket, but only uses it to rudimentary regulate the flow of hydrogen from the device into the engine.
Under direct video recording, the motorbike travels about 10 kilometers along a scenic seaside highway, having consumed only a small fraction of the water in the tank.
The inventor explains that mass production of his invention will insert in motorcycles only a small box, 30 cm x 30 cm, and not this large prototype he uses in the video demonstration.

Credits to internet channel, I do not own or claim any rights, I just translated the video in English in order to inform people abroad.
I believe this action qualifies as fair use.
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