Mounting Off Grid Solar Panels On DIY Adjustable Roof Brackets

We are building an adjustable solar panel bracket that mounts on the side of the off grid water and battery shed. And we are putting the older chicks outside in the new chicken tractor each day to free range a bit. Read the full blog article here:

Chris and I finished the chicken tractor the other day so now we take out the little birds each day and leave them to free range in their protective shelter all day long. During the day they are allowed to play out in the chicken tractor and at night they go into the protective chicken coop surrounded by electric fence wire.

Chris is helping me build a solar panel mount for the south facing side of the solar battery and water shed. This will be an adjustable frame to hold three solar panels and angle them into the sun at the various seasons for best solar power production.

We are using all recycled barn wood for this project. This means searching the wood pile for the right sized pieces. Then hauling them out of the woods over to the work area. Then pulling out all the nails to clean the boards. And then, finally, measuring and cutting the wood for use on the solar panel frame.

While out at the barn wood pile I fell off the top and landed flat on my back. I was lucky not to hit any nails or other dangerous things on my way down. The recent rain had softened the ground as well, which cushioned my fall nicely.

We managed to get the frame of the solar panels done so far. Watch for part two - coming soon.....

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